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Sustainable Agriculture & Food Enterprises Pty Ltd (SAFE™) ABN: 57 056 719 030 is a health food company that provides quality products and services at wholesale prices by selling direct to customers.

The business was founded in 1992 by Les Dyne and his nutritionist wife, Patti. They recognised the need for affordable and high quality wholefood supplements and foods.

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Les’s Story

SAFE was founded after years of great personal struggle.
Dying from cancer, Les was sent home by doctors for his final time on earth.
Les prayed if God would save his life he would do something to help others.
Then, a visiting friend suggested Les try wheat grass juice.
He and Patti grew the wheat grass and juiced it. Les seemed to be a little better in weeks.
Another friend told them about green barley powder, which Les took along with colloidal mineral and anti-oxidant vitamins.
Doctors saw in X-rays new bone growth and after several months the cancer tumour was gone. Les enjoys robust health.

How SAFE Started

Les grew up in Bowen in North Queensland on a tomato farm. It was his job as a teenager to mix the chemicals. With a little “Fergie” tractor he would spray the crops with insecticides, fungicides and so on, which the Department of Primary Industries in those days said was safe. He mixed chemicals with bare hands.

Completing his schooling and a Law Degree in Brisbane, Les established a thriving practice and a well known plant nursery near Moggill. He was doing well until he noticed some health issues that became serious.

In 1981, at death’s door, suffering from Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, he was first diagnosed at stage four. He had eight inches of hip-bone eaten away and a large tumour in his groin. Doctors wanted to amputate a leg and hip. Les said in no uncertain terms that was not going to happen, that if he was going to die he wanted both feet in place.

Without an alternative, Les had 3 years suffering chemotherapy and 16 weeks of high dosage radiation. He was reduced almost to skin and bones, with all sorts of drugs to control paralysis, tremors, nausea, and tubes to feed and monitor his vital signs. His family prepared for his demise and made funeral arrangements. Then a visiting friend suggested he try wheat grass juice!

Being a fighter, not wanting to die in middle age, he had Patti grow some wheat grass. When six inches high she cut some and juiced it. Somehow Les managed to swallow the green juice. They kept this up for three weeks when Les seemed to be a little better.

Another friend told them about Yoshide Hagiwara, a Japanese scientist who had developed barley powder. He had a company called Health Script International that was importing into Australia. They changed to the green barley powder. Les was taking twelve teaspoons a day along with a good colloidal mineral and some other anti-oxidant vitamins.

In three months the doctors took X-rays of new strands of bone growing in his hip. After six months the tumour in his groin shrunk to nothing. That was forty years ago. Les still enjoys robust health and is the Founder and Retired Manager of his company SAFE.

After his recovery, Les offered services to Health Script International. With his story it was so easy to convince people. The company saw demand for this marvellous product and kept putting the price up.

We were living outside Bundaberg at the time we heard about Barley Green. We were impressed and started using it. In the 1980s a 150g jar of Barley Green was $30. The price jumped.

Les told us how he pleaded with management not to put the price up. People needed the product at a price they could afford. They would not listen so he resigned.

Les found a farmer on the Darling near Swan Hill who grew the organic barley. He showed him how to dry the leaf carefully into a powder at room temperature – to preserve the enzymes. It was shipped to Brisbane at first to David Craig’s Laboratories in Brisbane in sealed forty-four gallon drums. It was then packed into 200g jars which sold for $24. That was in 1992 when Les inaugurated his company SAFE, which stands for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Enterprises.

This flagship product is called Green Barley Plus. It is still $24 at 225g.

This demonstrates the character and integrity of Les and his company. In our view, after all these years, we believe SAFE is a worthwhile, responsible and genuine service.

Don and Naomi Menkens

SAFE members desire a whole food approach to their health and well being – at affordable prices.

Pay wholesale prices for food supplements, natural personal care products, environmentally-friendly household cleaning and gardening products.

Receive naturopathic advice at no charge and many more member benefits. You do not have to operate a business to be eligible for a membership.


SAFE members desire a whole food approach to their health and well being – at affordable prices

We invite you to join us. Membership allows you to purchase products at wholesale prices for your own use.

Or, you may start a “work from home business” retailing these products yourself, or have them drop-shipped direct to your customers.

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Don Menkens is a retried School Principal and Health/Lifestyle Educator

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Don and Naomi Menkens

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