Refreshing ideas on how to be well and stay well

I was impressed at an evening Seminar with Don Tolman at the Mercure Hotel in Brisbane. I like his research and philosophies. Don is popular and sought-after. He lectures at Universities, medical fraternities and scientific organisations round the world.

All parts of the body, Don says, are of different kinds, shapes and sizes of “tubing”. Tubing can burst, be torn, stretched, broken and of course, as often the case, blocked.

Consider a scenario:

John is feeling hungry and decides to eat some yummy-looking take-away food. A few hours later he begins to feel nauseous. He has an urge to throw up but refrains. John obtains and swallows an anti-nausea medication. His tummy settles down, but the offensive “something” is still there. The body is perplexed with a flurry of activity and severe diarrhoea. He doesn’t like this at all. So, he obtains an anti-diarrheic medication. The offending “something” is still inside his tubing!

The brain is now concerned that the nasty “something” has not been dealt with and orders the body to get rid of it, so the body sends the message to the lungs. John develops respiratory problems with nasty cough as the lungs try to expel this “something” in the bronchial mucous.

John takes an anti-congestion, anti-cough medication from his doctor. The nasty “something” is still inside. The brain is not pleased. John’s whole head begins to ache terribly and that is suppressed with headache medication.

The brain sends a strong signal to the body’s largest organ, the skin, to get rid of this rubbish pronto. Now John has itchy red patches on his arms and hands. He is told he has eczema, psoriasis, shingles, lupus or worse. His doctor prescribes a steroid cream, which John smears over the patches and lo, they subside! But what’s that on his tummy? More cream to his tummy, and then the legs, and then –oh dear!

Now the brain is really upset. John has a high fever. He feels terrible. His doctor has powerful antibiotics. The nasty offensive “something” is still securely locked inside John’s tubing. Over the next few months or years, John develops all sorts of bad problems. “Anti’s” are applied for every condition.

John’s habits and ignorance of how to care for his body now has many companions, all securely locked inside his tubing. Every effort of the body to expel these “somethings” is thwarted. The brain suggests it build a rubbish trash can for all the offensive “somethings” in one location. Now John notices a lump and is very worried. After tests he has the lump removed. How wonderful!

But…there’s still some nasty “somethings” left inside John’s tubing. The brain demands to know why the body did not put all the offending “somethings” in the trash can. The body indignantly replies that it was doing that when someone stole the trash can. Well, the brain has another plan – build three or four more trash cans in different locations. That should foil the thieves!

After some years, John notices more lumps and is really scared. After a diagnosis he is offered powerful poisons, even blasting them with nuclear weapons!

By the time John has been subjected to years of this torture, his poor body says, “I can take no more of this abuse!” The brain agrees, and flicks the LIFE switch to the OFF position.

John’s family and loved ones are devastated, determined to help the doctors find an answer to this terrible blight on humanity, the dreaded Big C! They mount all sorts of projects to raise extra funds for cancer research, or heart disease, or diabetes, or arthritis, or alzheimer’s, or asthma, or osteoporosis or …

Attention to the principles and laws of our being, simply listening to the cries of our bodies, and obeying its commands, would avoid the slow insidious and often very painful process of dis-ease and premature death. In John’s case, one simple puke could well have saved a life of suffering and early death.

Don told us that in the United States, 250,000 people die every year as a direct result of legal properly-prescribed prescription drugs. In Australia and other western nations the statistics are much the same.
Isn’t it time to stop this drugging madness, and mass murder of innocent victims in our societies?

We don’t have “Health Care” systems. They are “Disease Care” systems. Companies are growing more and more mega wealthy every day. As Don points out, if people are taught how to live and care for their bodies, the customers would dwindle, and profits would disappear.

Please don’t misunderstand me, or Don. As he pointed out, there is a place for the skilled doctors and surgeons, and for the appropriate drugs in time of trauma and accident. The above scenario applies to lifestyle and degenerative diseases, not to various infirmities, accident and trauma.

I am first to stand up and salute the skill of the surgeons and physicians who can sort out mangled bodies, mend broken bones and attach severed limbs. I had need of these specialised skills and pain-controlling anesthetic drugs when years ago a fast-revving chainsaw ripped through my right chest, severing ribs, lacerating the liver, diaphragm and lung cavity in a freak incident. I was so thankful for the surgeons who sorted out the mess and the trained staff who cared for me.

An important point declared by the head surgeon, Dr McGregor after I left the hospital in just eight days, was that if I had not been living according to the laws or principles of nature, (for nearly thirty years at the time) I would most certainly have been another statistic.

Many people consider their bodies like their cars – just park them at the doctor’s office for all answers and pay the bill – but it doesn’t always work.

Please give thought to taking control of your health and the marvelous body you were given. Do a “stock-take” regularly. Check and see if you would fit into the scenario painted for John. Check if you are using substances or practices that will gradually deplete your physical, mental or moral health.

If you’d like help with anything, there are always people around you to ask who are considering their health, we have various experiences we can talk about, or commence a genuine and committed search of materials to make changes over time.

Your health is your most precious possession. Please guard it well.

With true concern, sincerely,
Don Menkens