Zane Truscott 

Zane Truscott talks with Don Tolman re Breast Cancer.

The thought of Breast Cancer strikes fear into most women – it’s a medical condition that has gotten way out of hand.

But how real is the risk and should women really be fearful?

In this short video snippet, our team leader (Lisa Thompson) talks to Don Tolman about WHY the health care industry has created so much fear around Breast Cancer and some tips to avoid it.

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Now to Don’s Video:


Unfortunately, many women head down a precarious path when it comes to Breast Cancer – mostly because they’re scared.

Every single year billions of dollars are raised and spent in the quest for a so called “cure” and yet MORE and MORE women are being diagnosed with this disease not less.

It’s a worrying trend that CAN be avoided with a little common-sense insight and knowledge – which is what Don shares.

Watch the latest video on our blog for Don’s take on Breast Cancer.

Have a great weekend.