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SAFE – Sustainable Agriculture and Food Enterprises – Established 1992

Les Dyne planned his funeral after 3 years of high dosage radiation and chemotherapy.

A visiting friend suggested he try wheat grass juice – he lived and is now owner of S.A.F.E.

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S.A.F.E. is an All-Aussie health business

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Head office and distribution centre located at Burleigh on the Gold Coast of Queensland

An Australian owned and operated health company for those who desire a whole food approach for health and wellbeing at affordable prices.

Pay wholesale prices for food supplements, natural personal care products, environmentally-friendly household cleaning & gardening products.

Receive naturopathic advice at no charge. There are many more benefits for members.

Sponsored by Don and Naomi Menkens

Created Principles for Health

Everyone has the ability to respect, learn and govern their health – either now for preventative care or later in crisis support. All of us are subject to well known created principles of health – light, air, water, exercise, rest, measure (temperance) and natural foods.

We encourage all age groups and work life styles to find effective directions for sustainable health and practices. People we meet are looking for sound health-orientated directions that work long-term, as opposed to disciplines that fall apart and discourage us from trying again.
We have every right to truly care for ourselves and others with us, to seek step by step changes that we can develop and enjoy working with.

Health gives us the better race in life and enhances our capacity for truth. We love to hear of people changing their outlook from illness to health and life. Our journey involves years of experience and connections with others who fought for health, and a deep love for others improving their health.

Don’s Sponsorship for SAFE

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We welcome you to review our website, and its various articles and trust you may consider your own steps and commitment over time for changes to food and life style. Sometimes a change can be as simple as one decision with our supermarket shopping trolley today, and another later as we maintain awareness for reviewing our health.
There is no single method or set of rules, rather an approach that falls in line with what we believe are inherent and created principles of health that all can explore and benefit from. There is too much confusion in the health arena today, and more people are asking hard questions from numerous sources and what has worked for others, instead of taking advice for granted or without reasonable question.
We are pleased to support the SAFE products in balance with natural foods and other life style decisions and wish to convey what we strongly feel are created principles of health backed by genuine testimony and proven years that benefited from our own decisions to be aware and change.

Green is GO!

Safe Product Range

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Flagship Products

SAFE began its flagship products with Green Barley Plus and Citramin.

We now have a list of well researched, healthy and environmentally friendly products, including:

Raw and organic Australian grown green foods

Synergistic mineral & vitamin formulations

Naturopath formulated herbal blends

Natural and organic personal care products

Environmentally friendly cleaning range

Organic agricultural products

healthy lifestyle

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“The company is 100% Australian owned and operated and uses Australian products wherever possible”

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Health Books | Hair & Water Analysis | Wheatgrass | Vitamins | Natural Herbs | Supplements | Tonics | Respiration | Women’s Products | Digestion | Extracts & Neutriants | Food Bars | Skin Care & Bath | Hair, Creams, Toners, Masks, Deodorants | Pet Supplements | Laundry & Cleaners | Juice and Minerals | Oxygen Water Purifier | Sea Salt | Stevia | Chia Seeds | Eucalyptus, Pine, Macadamia Oils | Protein and Whey Powder

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Shopping Catalogue

All Products A-Z
Products A-Z
30 Days to a New You booklet
Acidophilus - D Tenney
Activ-8 1L
Activ-8 5L
Activated Turmeric 60 Vege Capsules
Alfalfa Powder 150g
Alfalfa Powder 1kg
Allergex Quercetin Plus 60 Vege Capsules
Allergies - L Tenney
Aloe Vera Agricultural Grade 1L
Aloe Vera Gel 125g (Topical)
Aloe Vera Juice 500ml (6 pack) (Exp 01/19)
Alroc Extraphos & Potash 2.5kg
Alroc Extraphos & Potash 20kg
Alroc MAP Supablend 2.5kg
Alroc MAP Supablend 20kg
Amishman's Handy Guide to Minerals, Vitamins -R Olree
Animal Hair Mineral Analysis
Animal Hair Mineral Analysis + Interpretation
Bioactive Fibre Formula 180 Vege Capsules
Bioactive Sulphur & Lycopene 100g
Bread From Stones - J Hensel
Cereal Grass - R Seibold
Children's Herbal Health - D Tenney
Chocolate Goji Berries 300g - Now 100% organic!
Citramin 500ml
Citramin 500ml (6 pack)
Co-Enzyme Q10 - D Tenney
Co-Enzyme Q10 Plus 75 Vege Capsules
Colloidal Cleaner 1L
Colloidal Cleaner 5L
Colloidal Silica Gel Tonic 500ml
Colloidal Silver 100ml
Colloidal Silver 500ml
Coral Calcium 100 Vege Capsules
Coral Calcium Powder 200g
Death by Diet - R Barefoot
Echinacea - Louise Tenney
Ener-G-food 200 Vege Capsules
Ener-G-food Powder 1kg
Ener-G-food Powder 200g
Eucalyptus Emulsion 1L
Eucalyptus Emulsion 5L
Food Bars - Berry Choc x 1
Food Bars - Berry Choc x 10 (Value Pack)
Food Bars - Ginger Choc x 1
Food Bars - Ginger Choc x 10 (Value Pack)
Food Bars - Goji Choc x 1
Food Bars - Goji Choc x 10 (Value Pack)
Food Bars - Green Power x 1
Food Bars - Green Power x 10 (Value Pack)
Food Bars - Mixed Choc x 9 (Value Pack)
Food Enzymes - T d\'Raye
Garlic - P Airola PhD
Goji Berries - Natural 200g (6 pack)
Goji Berries - Natural 200g (BB Jul 18)
Goji Juice Concentrate 500ml
Goji Juice Concentrate 500ml (6 pack)
Grape and Fine Pine - T d\'Raye
Green Barley Plus 1kg
Green Barley Plus 200 Vege Capsules
Green Barley Plus 200 Vege Capsules (6 Pack)
Green Barley Plus 225g
Green Barley Powder 1kg
Green Barley Powder 200g
Green Barley Powder 200g (6 pack)
Green Barley Powder 80g
Green Foods/Phtyo-Foods - C M Hawken
Green Leaves of Barley - Dr M R Swope
Green Tea - K Gilbert Udall
Hair Mineral Analysis + Naturopath Interpretation
Hearty Chia Seeds 300g
Herbal Fibre Formula (Natural Berry) 1kg
Herbal Fibre Formula (Natural Berry) 200g
Herbal Iron 200ml
Herbs for Detoxification - K Bradstreet
High Protein Formula (Natural Vanilla) 1kg
High Protein Formula (Natural Vanilla) 500g
How to Live to 100+ - Dr D Collison
How to Stop Feeling so Awful - Dr D Collison
Industrial Strength Pine Oil Extract 1L
Industrial Strength Pine Oil Extract 5L
Inflamm-Aid 120 Vege Capsules
Jumba-Jara Wild Plum Leaf Extract 200ml
Jumba-Jara Wild Plum Leaf Extract 200ml (6 pack)
Kava Kava, Valerian - D Teeney
Lacto-B-cillus 120 Vege Capsules
Laundry Powder 1.5kg Bucket
Laundry Powder 1.5kg Refill
Laundry Powder 5kg
LiFE Living Food Enzymes 200g
Litmus pH Test Kit 4.5m
Maca 180 Vege Capsules
Maca Powder 180g
Microfood Lactobacillus 200g
Microfood Lactobacillus 500g
Minerals for the Genetic Code - C Walters
Moorlife Balm 70g
Moorlife Bath 1L
Moorlife Bath 200ml
Moorlife Cleansing Bar 100g
Moorlife Face Cream 70g
Moorlife Mask 100g
Moorlife Mineral Drink 250ml
Moorlife Silk Anti-Ageing Cream 70g
Moorlife Skin Toner 200ml
MSM Biological Sulphur 200 Vege Capsules
MSM Biological Sulphur 200g
MSM Biological Sulphur 500g
MyoPlus 200g
Mysol 100g
N-Rich 1L
N-Rich 5L
Natural Medicine v Orthodox Medicine - K Bradstreet
Neurodyne 60 Vege Capsules
New Zealand Green Barley Powder 200g
Nutracell Hair & Body Cleanse 200ml
Nutracell Hair & Body Cleanse 500ml
Nutracell Hair & Scalp Maintenance 'Beater' 100ml
Nutracell Hair & Scalp Pack: Treatment + Maintenance
Nutracell Hair & Scalp Treatment 'Blitzer' 250ml
Nutracell Hair Conditioner 200ml
Nutracell Hair Conditioner 500ml
Nutracell Hair Duo Pack 200ml
Nutracell Hair Duo Pack 500ml
Nutracell Macadamia Oil Cosmetic Grade 375ml
Nutracell Macadamia Oil Cosmetic Grade 50ml
Nutracell Natural Deodorant 200ml
Nutracell Samaritan Cream 100g
Nutracell Sea Mineral & Paw Paw Cream 110g
Nutracell Skin Cream 100g
Olive Leaf Boost (60mg/capsule) 100 Vege Capsules
Olive Leaf Extract Book - J Ritchason ND
Olive Leaf Extract High (35mg/5ml) 200ml
Olive Leaf Extract High (35mg/5ml) 500ml
Olive Leaf Extract Original (22.5mg/5ml) 1L
Olive Leaf Extract Original (22.5mg/5ml) 200ml
Olive Leaf Extract Original (22.5mg/5ml) 500ml Exp Jul
Olive Leaf Extract Super (70mg/5ml) 2 x 500ml Exp Oct
Olive Leaf Extract Super (70mg/5ml) 500ml Exp Oct 18
Omega Complex with Natural Vitamin E 100 Capsules
Oxygen-8 100ml
Oxygen-8 500ml
Oxygen-8 50ml Empty Dropper Bottle
Paw Paw Leaf Supa Concentrate (12 pack)
Paw Paw Leaf Supa Concentrate 500ml
Paw Paw Leaf Supa Concentrate 500ml (6 pack)
Petonic Pet Supplement 150g
PMS (Premenstrual Syndome) - L Tenney
Proanthogen 200ml
Quik Zinc 200ml
Relax 60 Vege Capsules
Relax and Enjoy Living CD - A Ventura
REV Plus 600ml
REV Plus 600ml (6 Pack)
Rheumatoid Arthritis - R Hinks
SAFE Options Cookbook - L Pase
Saw Palmetto - K Gilbert Udall
Sea Mineral Salt 250g Culinary
Stevia Powder 25g
Stimcel 100ml
Stimcel 100ml (2 Pack)
Stimcel 100ml (6 Pack)
Stimcel 60 Vege Capsules
Stress - L Tenney
Taheebo (Pau D'arco)- R Elkins
Tribulus 12,000mg 60 Vege Capsules
Turmeric Elixir 600ml
Turmeric Elixir 600ml (6 Pack)
VG Powder 1kg - Now 100% organic!
VG Powder 200g - Now 100% organic!
Vital-E 60 Vege Capsules
Vitamin D Plus 60 Vege Capsules
Vitamin E - R Cooper
Wake-Me-Up 200g
Warming Relief Body Blanket
Water Analysis
Wheatgrass Powder 200g
Wild Yam Nature's Progesterone - R Elkins
Wonder Whey 1kg
Wonder Whey 3kg

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