As a young boy he grew up in a poor mining town in the USA. One of his “friends” was quite a bully and often made fun of him and treated him badly. Some of his mates would often invite him to go with them to church, but he always passed on the invite, but one day he decided to go with them.

The class teacher told the story that day, of Daniel and his three friends, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah. (Read the full story in Chapter 1 of Daniel’s book). They were Hebrew boys who were taken captive by the Babylonians. Because they were all strong young men, and quite above average in learning and intelligence, the king, Nebuchadnezzar, decided to train them to be part of his Advisory Council, and put them in the care of his chosen Trainer together with a number of other Babylonian young men.

He arranged for them all to be fed the “best” food and drinks from the king’s own table, which included many unclean and unhealthful foods and drinks for Hebrew people. The young men asked Melzar, the man put in charge of the trainees, not to give them these “unclean” foods, but to allow them to just have “Pulse” for a ten-day trial.

Melzar was worried that at the end of the ten days, if they were unhealthy and sickly, he would be held responsible and punished because he had not followed what the king had ordered. However, Melzar respected the four boys and especially Daniel, so agreed to allow them to do the ten-day trial on “Pulse” as their main meal.

At the end of the ten-day trial the four boys were much brighter, and obviously healthier and stronger than the other trainees, so they were allowed to continue having “Pulse” for the rest of their three-year training programme.

When “final exams” were completed, the King found these four young men ten times better, wiser and stronger, than all the other trainees, and so the King promoted them to be part of the King’s Advisory Council of wise men, which included all sorts of magicians, sorcerers, and astrologers!

This story really impressed Don, and he rushed home and told his mother that he wanted to have Pulse to eat. He imagined how strong and clever he would be, and be able to show the bully a “thing or two”!  His mother had no idea what he was talking about and sent him to the priest. He didn’t know what Pulse was either, and sent Don to the Archbishop. He searched through his extensive library but could not find what Pulse was either!

When Don was old enough, he was so determined to find out what Pulse really was, and for many years he searched and searched, even going to Israel, and other Middle Eastern countries, learning to speak other languages and understand ancient writings, but all to no avail.

Back in America some time later, he was in a restaurant and sat down at a table opposite another well-dressed man. Eventually they chatted and the chap told Don how he and his father were setting up a museum of old manuscripts found in the Middle East, but they were looking for someone who could understand the languages and the writing on the scrolls. Well, Don was very interested indeed, volunteered his services, and was employed as part of the team.

As he was searching one ancient scroll, yes, you guessed it, he found the recipe for Pulse, as well as other wonderful ways to get well and stay well. He was so excited that he had at last unearthed the puzzle! He developed a company manufacturing Pulse and other wonderful products and ideas which he shares with the world. These can all be obtained in Australia and internationally with all details at his website:

Don has travelled the world holding seminars, speaking at universities, doctors’ fraternals and other prestigious groups, sharing his knowledge and research. My wife and I heard him speak and spoke with him a number of times. We were very impressed with what he freely shared with us all.

We highly recommend visiting his website, , and searching out his understanding of how to get well and stay well!


Les is a Queenslander who grew up on a farm near Bowen. When he was old enough it became his job to do the spraying of the tomatoes. The chemicals he was using were quite safe according to the Agriculture Department, and Les would mix the chemicals by hand ready for spraying on to the tomato plants with their little “Fergie” (Ferguson) tractor.

Eventually, he left home and studied at University completing a Law Degree. He set up a Law Practice in Brisbane and also established an Olive Farm upriver at Moggill. All went well for many years, but in his early forties, he was stricken with serious cancers. A small football-sized lump had developed in his groin and became very annoying. He also had trouble with bone deteriorating in his hip. After serious examinations and tests, the doctors advised amputating his leg.

“No thank you!”, was Les’s emphatic reply. “If I’m going to die, I want both feet on!”. So, they advised a course of chemotherapy and radiation treatments to deal with the problem. Don suffered three years of chemotherapy and sixteen weeks of high dosage radiation, until he was reduced to a very sad picture of an emaciated body with tubes inserted to feed and aerate him and carry away his wastes.

His family were preparing for his departure and had prepared for the inevitable funeral, when a good friend visited and told Les he should be using Wheat Grass Juice. Being a fighter and still hoping for relief, he had Patti, his wife to grow some wheatgrass. She would cut it when about fifteen centimetres high and juice it to get a thimble-full of green juice. She did this for him many times a day, and he did start to feel some improvement. In just three months, the doctors could see new strands of bone growing in his hip, and in six months the tumour in his groin had shrunk and disappeared.

Of course, it took quite a bit of time before he was back to normal.  He and Patti and family were so thankful and grateful for his recovery. Another friend introduced them to a Japanese company operating in Australia, who were importing the Wheat Grass powder from Japan. Apparently, a Japanese scientist, Yoshida Hagiwara, had done quite a lot of research into the benefits of the wheat grass for good health and healing. He was drying the juice at low temperature to preserve the essential nutrients and had done many experiments proving its powerful healing properties.

So, with Les’ story so impressive, he was able to gain employment with this company, and at that time, we were preparing a property near Bundaberg to set up another Health Retreat, when we heard about Les’s story and how he was employed by this company as a Sales Manager. So, we bought some of the product to try and found it very good. We began paying for 150grams I believe it was for about $30.  Next time we ordered the price had jumped to about $35. Prices kept rising until we stopped buying it.

As so often happens with companies, they saw how effective and popular the product was with people, and decided they could make lots more profits by raising the price. At the same time, Les was trying to get the company to leave the prices low so many sick people could afford to use it, but they would not listen to him!

He became so disgusted with the company that he found a farmer on the Darling River who agreed to grow the Wheat Grass, process the juice carefully and dry it as Les directed. The farmer would send it up to Brisbane to David Craig Laboratories, in huge forty-four-gallon drums. They carefully weighed and packaged it into 200 gram jars, and Les began selling it at $24 a jar. That was many years ago now.  He is still selling the 200gram jars at $24. He also has one kilo bottles available of the Wheat Grass Powder and Barley Green Powder plus lots more great health products and services.

Les set up his headquarters on the Gold Coast and called his company SAFE. It stands for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Enterprises. Les has products now for farmers also to grow crops using organic sustainable fertilizers etc, and a number of other very natural health-promoting products.

Les and Patti are very long-time friends and at present, (2023), Les is in his late seventies I believe, and still healthy and well. You can check out his website at:


George was a Protestant Pastor, and in his forties when his mother died of Colon Cancer at only sixty-five years old. She followed all the doctor’s advice using all sorts of drugs and other medical procedures, but to no avail! Soon after his mother died, George also noticed he had rectal bleeding and after checking with the doctor’s, he was diagnosed with Colon Cancer also.

After seeing what happened to his mother, he decided not to follow the medical route and searched for alternative ways to heal the problem. He was only forty-three years old!

An evangelist, Lester Roloff, was visiting at the time, taking meetings for that area, and his sermons were acclaimed by all. He was also teaching natural health methods of healing but his presentations in this field were not readily accepted by the people or the medical authorities. George however, learnt from Lester what he thought would be the best way for George to heal his Colon Cancer.

He followed Lester’s advice, and after only a few weeks changing to a “raw, all plant-food” diet, and lots of juicing”, George noticed that the rectal bleeding had stopped, and he was feeling much brighter and stronger. It took courage and will-power and prayer to continue, but in twelve months he was totally free of any sign of cancer in his body, taking no medications of any kind!

George and his wife Rhonda decided to share the miraculous healing experience and started making and selling raw fruit and vegetable juices from a small shop in their town.  It became very popular, and they soon had to hire a larger facility to cater for the needs of all the people who kept coming back and bringing their friends. After quite a while they felt the Lord was calling them to begin a larger ministry, by taking seminars and teaching people how to help their bodies to heal from all manner of ills, using natural healing methods, rather than relying on medical drugs. They have done this in a number of countries and have blessed many people in this way. They call their ministry “Hallelujah Acres” and promote the “Hallelujah Diet” for optimum health.

My wife and I attended his meetings in Australia, when they visited here, and we were both very blessed and inspired by what they shared in these seminars. We were both convinced that we should study Natural Therapies more thoroughly, and so we spent many years studying and teaching healing God’s way, at home here in Australia, and New Zealand, and helping to establish Natural Health Retreats at Kangaroo Valley in southern New South Wales, Rumahunga Bay on the Coramandel in New Zealand, and elsewhere.

You can find many more great stories about the ministry of George and Rhonda Malkmus on the internet.


Another incredible recovery from a terminal illness, is Chris Wark’s testimonial. He was diagnosed with stage 111c colon cancer in 2003 at just 26 years old. He had surgery, but instead of continuing with chemotherapy, he used nutrition and natural therapies to heal himself.

Today his mission is to inspire people to take control of their health and reverse disease with a radical transformation of diet and lifestyle. Chris has made many appearances on radio and television. He has also featured in “The Truth About Cancer” documentary series and in the film “The C Word”.

Chris reaches millions of people every year through his website, books and seminars and regular mailouts. Check out his website for more information he shares. We receive his emails quite often and find them very interesting and helpful.


Consider the experiences of these people in their books or on internet

Al Wolfsen “Healing by God’s Natural Methods.”

Dick Quinn’s book, “Left for Dead”.

Elaine Hollinsworth, “Take Control of Your Health”.

Max Gerson  “A Cancer Therapy.”

Vernon Foster  “Newstart.”

Harold Tietze   “Super Green Medicine.”

Harry Benjamin   “Everybody’s Guide to Nature Cure.”

Jethro Kloss  “Back to Eden.”

Raymond Knoll  “How to be 101!” 

Alfred Vogel  “The Nature Doctor.”

and so many more…..

You can read their Books and Testimonials in any good Library, or with today’s incredible technology, just check the internet, or ask Mr Google!

There are many who “poo hoo” the advice of these men and women who have had amazing recoveries from terminal disease, but surely the witness of numerous people like the ones I have shared with you, should make us think, and decide whether we wish to live long and healthy lives, or just follow the crowd and “take our chances” whether we live long or die early! It all boils down to a matter of choice, but, without Health the richest man is poor!

When we come to a crossroads in life, we can use our God-given freewill to choose which road we wish to follow, but, we are not free from the consequences of our choices.