Thank you to Robyne Clark for this interesting observation from personal experience.


Hi everyone,

Some months ago, when Bob’s back went out of action, and he was in pain, I did a lot of stuff to find out how to make things easier for him. I would try to put myself in the same pain and stiffness as he had and then work out the best way to do things – such as getting into and out of a chair — the soft lounge chairs being the hardest to manage.

I found something that works so very well that I thought I’d share it with you all.

When you wish to sit into a chair, whether it is a ordinary kitchen chair or a lounge chair or even the toilet, you will find that sitting down is a breeze if you put your chin up as you are sitting down. For some reason this makes things just so simple.

When you wish to get up, you must look down at the floor and then getting up is a breeze.

So it is like a reverse — get down with your head up, get up with your head down — a perfect solution. You don’t have to stretch or bend the head to straining point, just a bit back or down is all it takes. Go for it, and please tell any elderly folk you know. If you see someone sitting with difficulty, please tell them about this.

Robyne Clark–Coffs Harbour.