When fever strikes or you’re feeling congested and all backed-up, there are foods that I would not touch with a ten-foot pole!

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Most folks run down to the doctor whenever a cold, flu or fever hits…but please think twice before you do this!By adding toxic medications into your body to suppress the symptoms rather than supporting the healing process, you’ll actually cause bigger problems to your health down the road.

Getting back to good health is ‘dirt simple’ if only you’ll support the healing process with basic, common-sense principles.

Kick-up your intake of nature-made salt, replace heavy meals with vege-based soups and broths, use essential plant oils on your skin and avoid the following foods at all costs:

  • Meat of any kind (and yes, that includes fish and chicken!)
  • Processed Flour
  • Refined Sugars and;
  • Artificial Sweeteners.

The other powerful thing you can do of course, is to snack on nutrient dense, easy-to-digest fruits, vegetables and raw wholefood Pulse.

Cowboy Don.