Recently I listened to a presentation by Dr Wayne Pickering and was very impressed with all that he presented.  Here are some of the highlights from his presentation:

THREE “foods”  which we should avoid like the plague are:

 1… White Refined Foods in general like Supermarket Table Salt, Sugar, Flour, Pasta, Rice and Milk.

                     2… Fizzy Drinks like Soft Drinks, Wines, and Beer.

                                  3… Greasy stuff like Doughnuts, Chips, and anything Fried.

If it’s WHITE it’s NOT RIGHT! 

Supermarket Table Salt has aluminium and other additives, (to stop clogging,) which are toxic to our cells, and can cause an alarming variety of diseases and health issues.   Get some good Celtic Salt or Himalayan Rock Salt instead.

Sugar is “pure white and deadly” according to Professor Yudkin, and yet the average child consumes up to 2kgs of it each week!  There are about 21 teaspoons of sugar in a 20 oz bottle of soda drink alone. There is NO Calcium in Sugar at all, and it makes the system quite acidic. Coke for example has a pH of 2.5!  Our Buffer system has to find ready Calcium to bring the body balance back to normal range of between 6.8 and 7.2 pH. Where does it take Calcium from first–the Nervous system! No wonder children fed sweets become very excitable and “antsy”! Then it also takes Calcium from the skeletal system –the bones, and as people age, even an insignificant fall can cause hips to break or other skeletal problems.  If you need to sweeten some of your food, use a little Raw Honey or Plant-Derived Stevia.

White Rice, White Flour, and products made from them like Pasta, are denuded of the vital Minerals, Vitamins and Essential Oils that the Creator put there to keep us healthy and happy. Isn’t it strange that the most intelligent of creatures–the human being–seems to be so stupid, removing the very parts of our foods that are there to keep us well, and then he complains about the diseases and problems he experiences. BUT… there’s an even scarier problem……To bleach Flour today, a chemical called Alloxan is used, so……

You may want to think twice before eating your next sandwich on white bread. Studies show that alloxan, the chemical that makes white flour look “clean” and “beautiful,” destroys the beta cells of the pancreas. That’s right; you may be devastating your pancreas and putting yourself at risk for diabetes, all for the sake of eating “beautiful” flour. Is it worth it?   Alloxan also interacts with Aspartame in fizzy drinks to cause all sorts of health problems.

If you must eat grains, then do use only Whole Grains.

Milk is for babies!  From 0 to 6 months, babies are building their Immune Systems. It’s the best food for infants up to three to five years of age.  Again, only the most intelligent of God’s creatures drink milk after they are weaned. Cow milk is 300 times stronger than Mother’s Breast Milk. If you must give your children Milk then get some Goat or Sheep Milk. It is much closer to the needs of young children.

Milk drinkers actually are consuming Pus. As much as 318 million Pus Cells are found in a litre of milk today. Most dairy cows suffer from Mastitus which is a major endemic disease of Dairy Cattle. The modern Dairy Cow can produce up to 20 or more litres of milk per day. The constant irritation encourages inflammation of the cow’s udder, which causes it to develop Mastitus, and often it goes unnoticed into the milk. In the UK, up to 400 million Pus Cells/litre are allowed in the milk before it is rejected.

Milk and dairy products in general are very causal to pimples and skin problems in young people who consume them.  There is also no iron or fibre in milk and other dairy products. They actually prevent absorption of iron from other food sources.

All Dairy Products are very constipating, mainly due to the high amount of Casein present in cow’s milk. Casein is the favourite Glue used in woodworking, such as Furniture Makers. I love Aquadhere as it is a very safe and effective glue when gluing wood products, but I surely don’t drink it! Imagine what it does to your insides!

There are numerous studies available today, which would take one the rest of one’s life to wade through showing that Dairy causes Osteoporosis as well as other health problems. I gave up Dairy in my mid -twenties and my Asthma disappeared overnight, and has not returned since.

Pasteurization, heating of milk, is done to make it last longer on the shelves. It certainly does not kill the pathogens and other “uglies”, like Pus, present in the milk.  Calves fed on Pasteurized milk only will die in six weeks.

No one likes CHANGE, except a wet baby!  So don’t QUIT Habits—-REPLACE them with better ones.

If it’s Fizzy You’ll Fizzle!

What is the most sold product at supermarkets today?  One survey said,

1.  Large Coco Cola.                 2. Small Coco Cola.      and              3. Diet Coke.

One of the ingredients listed on the labels is Phosphoric Acid. Do you know how it is made?  It is a combination of Phosphorus or Phosphate Rock and Sulphuric Acid, and is very similar in composition to Horse Urine!

As already stated, Coke has a pH of 2.5. When the body acidity comes below pH 5.0 the immune system is compromised and the body is wide open to infections and nasty problems including the Big C!  Our Buffer system, has to deal with these highly acidic “foods” and massive loss of calcium from the Nervous System and the Skeletal System is the result.  Accelerated aging, Osteoporosis and many other problems develop.  One Soda Drink can wipe out the Body’s Immune System for as much as five hours, leaving the person with no defences against pathogens and other nasties.

Cleaners often use Coke to clean toilets and basins. Because of the Acid in it, the results are spectacular. Just pour a can in the toilet and leave for a few minutes and the bowl will be as clean as a whistle. Put some on a cloth and clean your car’s bumper and chrome. It will sparkle like new.  However, continued use on your innards will cause very different and dire results.

If you want to be tough, as Wayne says, then you have to eat and drink good stuff!

Greasy foods are trouble waiting to happen!  GREASY equates with SLEEZY!

The sulphur in animal products produces sulphuric acid in the body. There is no fibre in animal products, and they take a long time to digest.  As Herbivores we have a long alimentary canal from mouth to anus, designed originally to process plant foods–fruit, nuts, and vegetables.  The Digestive System of humans is superbly adept to deal with these foods. Carnivores have a short alimentary canal, which allows the animals foods they eat to process quickly. When we eat animal foods they stay in the tubing for a long time and tend to rot giving off lots of nasty toxins and smells. These toxins can be re-absorbed by the body, and I personally have lost three uncles who were big meat-eaters, and used all the dairy foods profusely.  They all died of Colon Cancer before reaching retirement age.

When animal foods are cooked by frying in oils and animal fats, transfats are generated. The body cannot process transfats, which are only a molecule away from plastic.  Most vegetable oils, even good Olive Oil, is changed when heated, and becomes toxic to the body. If you must cook with Oil, get good quality Coconut Oil. It is the only OIL that is not changed by the heat of cooking. It is a medium chain fatty acid, and we were advised for years not to use it as it is a saturated fat. Now it is being advocated as a very beneficial oil, capable of curing and preventing many of man’s ills.

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