Hello Folks!

Just received this message from our good friend Don Tolman.  We value Don’s expertise, experience and wisdom in the field of health, and hope this message will prove beneficial to all who read it.

Don and Ruth Menkens.


Howdy Don,
Time and time again people say to me, “Don, I’m run down and I
really want to feel alive again but where do I start?” Generally I ask 1 or 2 questions, but pretty soon, in the vast majority of cases it comes down to one protocol that wins hands-down for most people. It’s called fasting.  Here’s why… Fasting has existed since the beginning of life of earth. The ancients  knew it was “the ultimate” for staying energised, disease-free and for prolonging life.Here’s why it works…

An ill or injured animal’s first instinct is to abstain from solid food until it is healthy again. They instinctively know that the healing process will be much faster and more effective when it takes a break from solid food that will burden its digestive tract. This instinct has always existed within the animal kingdom.

The human body is exactly the same.  When we are sick our appetites disappear...but thanks to modern science, very few are prepared to listen to that.

Instead, most people tend to ignore their bodies own innate intelligence and continue to feed the sickness and chaos going on inside them.

Here’s the truest truth…

When the body gets no rest from processing food day after day, the digestive and cleansing systems are subjected to an uninterrupted workload, so eventually it’s going to breakdown and even store unwanted fat.

Sure, environmental pollutants play a part. Also, excess animal protein tends to acidify the body in an unhealthy way.  And our lifestyle choices will have a big impact too.

The body is often unable to rid itself of all these stored toxins, waste products, body acids, excess proteins and fat deposits.

If this condition continues long enough, it can lead to cancer and other innumerable diseases. Cleansing is necessary to give the digestive  system a rest and more importantly to restore the body.

Cleansing purifies the body of earth’s wide variety of pollutants, thereby improving bodily health and function. Many new-age health advocates today fast a few times per year…but of course, this wisdom is NOT   new at all.

Cleansing improves the body’s capacity and ability to better absorb the nutrients from the food eaten.

Now I’m ALL for periods of extending fasting from time to time and for people with serious health issues, but for most of us I’m a huge      believer in fasting just ONE day per week. It was a brilliant wisdom of past cultures who would cleanse for one day per week, typically on the day of the week that they were born.  If you have a cold-press juicer, I would recommend that at the very least you get a cold-pressed juice into your system every morning before you eat solid food.  Why? Because at that time of the day your body is in the waste ‘elimination’ phase so it’s best not to overwhelm your digestive system.  Also, the uptake of the nutrients into your cells will be super fast because your body is not trying to process other stuff in your stomach at that time of day.

Whilst the benefits of cold pressed juicing at home are endless and     there are lots of affordable machines out there, the fact is, it can be a   pain in the butt to do every day for even the most committed juice fanatic! 

Think about it…

You need the time to go and find the best raw produce, you need to     take it home, rinse it, store it, separate it into the combinations you     like, put the juice together, make the juice, bottle the juice (if you’ve   made extra and want to leave the juicer in the cupboard tomorrow),   clean up the juicer etc. etc. 

After a while it can become a chore big time!

And so this is why I am just so damn thrilled to share with you today   some awesome news…

You see my great friends Zane & Inga Truscott (owners of Fortune   Events) who have been bringing me down to Australia for the past 8   years and hosting with me, our live events and workshops, have just launched their organic, cold-pressed juice company based on the Gold Coast, called The Cleanse Kitchen. 

These guys have seriously done their homework and they’ve done everything right in setting up their amazing kitchen…and they’ve just started home-delivering cold-pressed juice packs and cleanses throughout Brisbane the Gold Coast (including the Sunshine Coast and Byron Bay). 

Zane and Inga know their stuff because they’ve seen first hand for themselves just how powerful juice fasting and cleansing can be  (amongst the countless event graduates who have chosen this path     after attending our events all around Australia over the years).  And the beautiful thing now is, it’s super convenient if you want access to the   best cold-pressed juices available in Queensland and Northern NSW!

So, how would you like to give a one day cold-pressed juice cleanse a shot?

If you’re keen to do that, I’d encourage you to start off easy with one of their One-Day Cleanses

You’ll be delivered a delicious combination of 6 deluxe cold pressed   juices per day plus some other special little inclusions  (two of their combos also contain creamy nut mylks).  And these juices are all designed to target different parts of the body.  Also in the range, you’ll find my “famous”   and very powerful, CABALA juice blend.

For just one day you sip away at each of the juices and drink good clean water and KAPOW! you’ll be feeling like superwoman or man in no time!  

The thing I love about this packaged is that it’s realistic, achievable and super effective for giving your body a quick “refresh” in the right direction.

If you’ve never cleansed for a day before, it’s a brilliant way for you to start…and if you’re a seasoned cleanser, you’ll absolute adore what        you receive and what it does for you.

Now, because I know just how brilliant this one day program is, I want     to make it extra-worthwhile for you to jump on this juicy train.

Order the 1 Day Cleanse before 5pm this Friday, 31st October and we’ll throw in a bag of my “ancient sacred meal” called Pulse – ABSOLUTELY FREE with your delivery! (which normally sells like hot cakes in my DTI store for $28).Order Here Now
Pulse is THE perfect, quick and easy snack to ease you out of your 1 day cleanse. Your body will love you for it!By eating Pulse after your cleanse, you’ll be supporting your body to continue “dumping the rubbish” from your system – it really is the perfect compliment to your package. So I really hope you’ll check out what The Cleanse Kitchen is all about and give it a shot for your health. Have an awesome week and I’ll talk to you again on Friday!

‘Cowboy’ Don.

P.S.  Do you know the difference between cold-press juice and the juice produced from a conventional juicer?